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Apr 30, 2020

Hi all,

So I think I've come up with (what I think is) a very elegant solution to something that's plagued me for a while - allowing the learner the ability to view the correct answer on a quiz slide.  But I've been staring at this for far too long and I'm hoping someone can poke a hole in it before I show it to my team tomorrow.

I've set up the Incorrect Layer with a button to show the answer layer.  Answer layer triggers the correct answer to show as selected as soon as the layer is playing, and I've added a transparent blocker shape over the question so that it can't be selected.  Next button on the button of the slide allows the user to move to the next slide.

Attached a sample so you can see what I'm talking about.  Appreciate the feedback! :) 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Lindsay,

Thanks for sharing this excellent example of how to provide immediate feedback on a question! Initial thoughts that came to mind are:

  • Ensuring the answer the user selected gets reported to the LMS.
  • Revisiting: The correct answer will be shown when they revisit, not what the learner selected.

I'd be curious to see what else the community has to offer, but thanks again for this great example!

Lindsay Piché

Hi Ren,

Thanks for those thoughts!  For the course I'm creating, the questions are not scored, but that's an excellent point to consider if we use this for another course with scored questions.

For revisiting - I changed the properties to reset the slide when revisited, great catch!  Didn't even think of this because they only get one attempt at the question, but the menu will be free to navigate, so I think having it reset will solve the problem.

Thanks again!


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