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Diane Elkins

Feedback is done on layers, so you can add whatever you want to the layer.  For example, you can add a circle over the correct answers, put a check mark next to them, put arrows next to them, etc.

The default feedback master puts a large box in the center of the screen, which doesn't work well with this approach.  So you'll want to change it to a blank feedback master.  (The feedback master panel is just above the triggers panel when you are on a feedback layer.)

Simon Perkins

Marc, one option you have is this:

  • Show content relevant to quiz on slide X > jump to slide X+1 at end of timeline
  • On slide X+1, show the same content as slide X but now make it freeform > set up your quiz so it shows Correct and Incorrect feedback > these will, as Diane says, appear as new layers on slide X+1
  • Change the slide layout of Correct and Incorrect to blank (if you want to start from scratch and move away from the default popups) > now add your feedback

By doing the above, you can choose to show or hide the base layer and therefore 'control' what the learner sees for both correct and incorrect feedback.  Sorry this is brief - I have to go now - and I would post a link to further instructions but they're on the beta forum.

Someone will no doubt be along with more detailed instructions.

Just remember that feedback options create new layers which in turn are based on layouts.  Amend those layouts (or choose a blank one) and you can do pretty much anything you want.