correct answers are "still moving" in Drag and drop activity

Nov 24, 2020

Hi there,

In a case where we are creating a Drag-and-Drop Freeform Question with 2 items (answers in that case) that can be dropped in one drop zone, is it possible to lock for good an item that has been validated and is considered as correct? Sorry if it is not clear, I'll try to elaborate. For instance, in a drag-and-drop freeform activity, an item that is dropped in the wrong drop zone is still clickable and movable if we have parametered for instance 2 or more trials, so that trainees can have another shot at guessing the correct answer. But when an item is validated and deemed as correct, it will appear in the correct drop zone as an unclickable item (like it is desactivated) but still when I move another ("wrong") movable item next to it, it is still "Moving" to make way to the other (movable) item. Sorry once again if my explanation is unclear and I hope it makes sense. I sense it is a (UI/UX) feature but maybe we can do something about it...

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Elodie Rigaill

Hi Lauren,

Thank you for your answer. In fact, I have failed to mention that the correct item is shown as masked when validated. Thus the answer is coming from freeform. In the first picture, the answer is validated (we have chosen to mask it) and the second item is incorrect, so it is still clikable and movable. In the second picture, I have moved the second item to the top of the same drop zone and the correct answer has moved to the Bottom, while it's still unclikable. (because it has been validated). Is it still possible to avoid the fact that the validated answers are still Moving (when Moving items that are is movable and clikable) ? 

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