Correct answers on a multiple choice quiz have shadow effect on text and radio button. How do I remove it?

I'm experiencing a really strange issue whereby a multiple choice quiz that I created has a shadow effect on the text of the correct answers only. Therefore, the correct answer is quite obvious. I also have the shuffle option turned on, and so the shadow appears on the correct answer no matter where it is. I have tried to remove the shadow effect by using the "clear formatting" option as well as toggling the shadow option for text.  

How can I resolve this issue so that none of the text has a shadow?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


P.S. I'm using Storyline 3, Update 10 3.10.22406.0

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Ren Gomez

Hi Martin,

Thanks for reaching out, and I'm sorry this issue is coming up! I tried to replicate the shadow effect in the same version of Storyline and didn't come across it.

Have you tried re-creating the question to see if the effect still appears? Feel free to also share your .story file with our support engineers using the link below, and they can take a closer look!

Martin Evans


Thanks for your reply. I did try to re-create new questions to see if the effect still appears, and it DOES. I've tried removing the shadow effect everywhere I could, and it still persists. I'm attaching the file. The issue occurs in both the Pre-Quiz in Scene 1 and the Final Quiz.

Thanks in advance!