Correct answers yet marked as 'Fail'

Hi all,

I have an issue when I publish my course(s) and some (not all) users take the end quiz. Some will be marked as 'fail' even though I can see in reporting that they have answered all 'correct'. It doesn't happen to everyone though.

Where do I start? I ran a SCORM bug report and I do see some 405 errors however I don't know what they mean and if that could be related.

Any help would really be appreciated (I have some angry learners wanting their badges!)

Thanks - Pauline

p.s. as a newbie this site has been invaluable!! Thanks all

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Joseph Ferraro

We had something like this come up recently, and the issue was that our LMS only accepted Passed/Incomplete.


Another thing to keep an eye out for in the LMS publishing options is where the results are being pulled from. The type of results page you opt for and where that results page pulls it's data from will of course affect the end result in both the user feedback on the LMS and on the module.

Best of luck on finding the culprit!

Pauline Mitchell

Hi Emily, yes I tested in SCORM. It marked me as correct and passed. This is the same as when I published the course and completed it through our LMS. However other users with the same answers marked as correct are scored as failed.

I have attached an extract of the SCORM testing that lists the 405 error. I am using freeform questions. Do I just attach the file as a zip file for you to review?

Thanks Pauline

Emily Ruby

Hi Pauline,

If testing in SCORM Cloud did not have any issues, then I would recommend going through some of the links above that Crystal shared about troubleshooting within the LMS. In the full log, is it showing the answers as correct? That would be the main thing to check. And also have you changed any of the reporting settings as Joseph shared?