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Lynn Lewandowski


I am unable to find anything that addresses the large "Correct" in the middle of the feedback slide.
I have already adjusted the master feedback slide, there is no text or graphics.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Lynn! I see what you're saying - you've edited your feedback master layout, but when you use the layout, you're still seeing the "Correct" appear in the middle of the slide. 

From your screenshot, it looks like you would like to have some text in your correct feedback layer. Try this:

1. Make sure you remove any unwanted elements from your feedback master layout (from the parent and the child layouts). You can add a text placeholder if you know you'll be giving textual feedback on each Correct layer.

2. Remove any text from your Correct layer in Form View. This will ensure that Storyline doesn't try to pull in the normal correct feedback elements (like "Correct" and the Continue button).

3. Create a new layer titled, Correct. Choose your custom feedback layout with the text placeholder, and then enter the text appropriate for that slide's feedback.

I'm more than happy to have a look at your file if this doesn't help!  Just attach it here in the discussion using the Add Attachment button.