Correct/Incorrect feedback layers applying extra objects?

Hi guys,

We set up the Feedback Slide Master to have a custom button with two triggers, and a resized custom textbox. The only items in the Timeline box is our Continue button, the rectangle, and a placeholder for the text. Nothing ahs been added extra on the individual Correct and Incorrect Feedback layouts.

Whenever I insert a new slide the system applies the above correctly including triggers, however it also randomly sticks an object called 'Feedback Text Box 1' which has 'Correct' and 'incorrect' on the relevant layers, as well as a grey gradient button called Continue.

Any idea where these are reference so I can stop them popping up on every single new slide I create??


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jason,

Regarding the Continue button, see this support article with a great explanatory screencast by Brian Batt.

Regarding the text boxes that appear despite the fact that they've been removed from the Feedback Master's custom master correct and incorrect layouts, I hope someone will answer this. I've run into the same thanks for asking here!

Anne Goldenberger

I'm having the same problem.  I have to go into each feedback layer and hide the extra feedback text box.   (Mine is just called 'Text Box 2', however.)  I'm using the Continue button so that's not a problem for me. 

I can hide the extra text boxes, but I'm worried that at some point they will automatically re-appear.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Anne!

Storyline always creates a continue button, and a feedback text box in the correct and incorrect layers, and the triggers for the continue button. If you don't want those to show on your slide when you create your question slides, it is best to not delete them on your Feedback Master slides but instead move them off stage, like I've done in the image below. Then when you create a new question slide, the text boxes will not be visible in those layers on your slide.