Correct/Incorrect layers in Quiz questions slide off the screen to the left

Jun 23, 2016

When you click submit on the interaction, the correct or incorrect layer does appear. However, the Continue box floats away to the left, leaving you stranded. This happens on both the correct and incorrect layers, on a drag and drop and a fill in the blank, and matching drag and drop. I tried selecting stay on screen always, but that didn't work either. I originally created this in SL1 where it worked fine. Please help!

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Jessica Huber

Hi Ashley, thanks! I did indeed submit it as a support case. The Feedback master had a transition which I had removed. My guess is that happened in the conversion from SL1 to SL2, as I never touched that master in either version. So good news is it is fixed, and now my stakeholders can view my whole project with the quizzing slides included. Woo hoo!

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