Correct/Incorrect - other terms people use

Hi everyone, my apologies if this is not the place for this.  I have pop up feedback windows after each quiz question, I find the terms above a little dry for me, and wanted to put in something else.  I often put  "You got it!"  as the title for correct and feedback in text box below and "Actually..." as title for incorrect and feedback below.  I have a new editor and he has indicated several articles to me on why the word "Actually..." is not great.  I understand in verbal conversations and scenarios, but I didn't think of it as a negative but more of a light hearted "Hey did you know?".  Anyway, if I have to come up with new terms thought people may have some ideas here.  Also, I have spoken to some peers and they mentioned that sometimes they just use the "x" and "checkmark" symbols and then direct to the feedback.  Would love to hear some thoughts.

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Jerry Beaucaire

Being playful is a good thing.   But knowing your audience is as well.   If your new editor values this topic more highly than you do, go with their alternate suggestions.  This sets you up to win on things that are more important later on.

"Did you know?" I think is good.   Ask the editor to give you 3-4 ideas of their own for playful alternate "Nope" titles. (I've used Yep and Nope)   Don't just keep giving ideas of your own for them to shoot down, ask them for specific ideas of their own.  ;)

My 2 cents.