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When I use number question to build evaluation project in french language, the correction slide displays the following text : "Réponse correcte est égal à x".

For information, fench grammar rules require that the word "égal" be matched with the feminine word "réponse". The correct wording is 'Réponse correcte égale à x".

How can i change this text ?




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Math Notermans

As this text doesnot look like the 'default' response text from Storyline i suspect its just a text field on the Results slide.

If the texts are not on the Results slide they can be changed on several spots.
1st to check is the 'Text labels' in the Player properties. Storyline gets most of its default texts from there. If the text for your Results is set there, you can find it and change it.
See the image below...

player settings

It can be that the texts is set in the Question at hand...then you can change it in the response for the question. Shown here...


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