Corrupt files


I've been experiencing a lot of corrupted files recently.

It has happened on just about every course I have made so far, but this morning i can't seem to fix this one no matter what I do.

When making the course I follow the best practices guide, I have tried repairing my software and importing my slides.

When I try to import my slides I get a screen saying that the file is "in use by another process" or I "do not have the proper security permission to access this resource"

I search this %appdata%\Articulate\Storyline  in explorer and I get no results?

I can't get this to work so I'll accept the content I've lost and continue from an earlier version, but I'd like to know if support can determine the issue and if it can be fixed as I am now behind on my project.



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Mateusz Szuter

If Storyline goes "file is corrupted" it's a one-way, you will unfortunately never get it to work again. It's sad that this problem exists since the beginning and that there is not even a simpliest tool to try to fix it.

The best practice is to work on your local hard drive, I've had corrupted files only on network drive (however, now it doesn't happen, when I have wired LAN for all computers in company, but it may be just a coincidence and my luck) and two times when my old HDD was near it's end and had a lot of bad sectors.

Ren Gomez

Hi Hannah,

I'm so sorry to hear you're coming across this corrupt file error so often! I know that's got to be frustrating.

You've done your homework on best practices and repairing your software. Let us lend you a hand! I've opened a case on your behalf with our support engineers where you'll hear from someone on the team soon. They'll do everything they can to determine what's causing that error to come up!