Corrupt Project - Layouts

Hi Support,

I need help urgently.  My project deadline is 20/01/2016.

My project was completed yesterday but I was asked to make minor changes (black rectangle in the top left corner), i did this using layout options.  Everything was fine and i saved and closed my project.  Now i have re-opened my project there appears to be a bug.

Please see attachment for more information.




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Christie Pollick

Hi, Matthew -- SO sorry to hear of your difficulties and the time crunch you are facing! Have you taken a look at the details listed here to ensure that you are working in a supported way? And also, please run through this repair and let us know if you are all set or are still having issues. 

I also wanted to note that when you are facing a matter of urgency, you are also welcome to contact our Support Engineering Staff using this form to submit a case for immediate assistance. 

Matthew Brannan

Hi Christie,

I spent all of yesterday manually re-doing the text.  This is definitely a bug. 

In my Master I made a layout (called custom) which had no text.  When I set the slide layout to custom I expected only the background to update as there is no text on the slide master.  This is exactly what happens when you are in Articulate.  If you save, close and open articulate and left-click on a slide only the text on the base layers that were originally created from a different master template are affected.

The logic should be this:

  • Text exists on a slide.  If a new layout is selected which has no text on the slide master layout, existing text should be left as it is (as happens for text on other layers).

I need to create alot of elearning courses and as we all know to begin with we make alot of slides / mess and we dont know exactly how the course will be structured.  Eventually a path becomes visible and some slides are promoted or demoted in the menu.  When this happens I need a quick and easy way of putting a black rectangle in the top left corner.  I do not want to copy and paste a a black rectangle as this is time consuming.  Ideally I would hold down shift and select all the slides that are on a level and change the layout to the one which contains an additional black rectangle.  Can someone please investigate this.  I tried to upload the story file but it is very big and it wouldn't upload.

Thanks for the link, I will use this in the future.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Matthew -- Thanks so much for your response!  I wanted to let you know that I am going to go ahead and create a ticket for additional investigation by our Support Engineers, and submit it on your behalf. You will be hearing from a member of that team via the email address we have on file for you as soon as they have had an opportunity to review your inquiry. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Matthew -- Just wanted to touch base with you, as I see our Support Engineer, Cleo, replied to your case as follows on 1/19/26 @ 12:32 pm:

"May I ask if you are working with your project file in your local drive (typically drive c:) and not on a shared/network/mapped drive which may cause file corruption or erratic behavior? 

If you are working on your local drive, I suggest that you try to test for file corruption. Please create a new .STORY file and try to import the slides from your old .STORY file to the new one as described here.  

If you still encounter the same issue on the new project file, please upload your Articulate Storyline project file to our server for review. We'll attempt to diagnose what's happening when we receive your uploaded file."

If for some reason you did not receive Cleo's response, please check your SPAM folder, and if you would like to go ahead and provide your source file for further investigation, it would be best if you can use the special upload link that you'll find in that email. Hope that helps! :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Matthew -- Just wanted to touch base with you, as I see the last correspondence from our Engineer in your support case was on 2/2/16 as follows:

"Can you please try to download a new Storyline 2 Update 7 installer using this link? Then follow carefully the steps in this article on Unexpected or Erratic Behavior in Storyline 2.  Then reboot and see if you can replicate the issue on a new project file and slide master layout."

Please let us know if that did the trick and it would also be great if you could reply in your case also so we can keep track of the progress being made. :)