Corrupted Data

Jun 28, 2018


For the past couple of days, the projects I've been working on become corrupted and refuse to save.

I can save up until it decides not to (if that makes sense?) 

I am only saving the project to my desktop and my colleague is also working from the same template.

I've updated Storyline to the most recent version.

Please note that this has happened to multiple files.

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Katelin J

I have spent many hours on chat with support and the new 360 has multiple bugs causing of this morning they did a 1.5 hour screen share troubleshooting with me and were able to replicate many issues I am experiencing. I hope in the hot fix they can fix it all. For the cost of the product, the stability seems unacceptable to me. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Melissa! It looks like you didn't receive the email my colleague Miker sent you back on 6/30/18. Here's what his message said:

Hi Melissa, 

Thanks for contacting Articulate Support and sharing the screenshot! 

Can you try using Storyline's Save As feature to save a new copy of the story in a different location? 

If it still fails, I'll need you to delete the Articulate temporary files from your computer. Please do the following: 

1. Close all Articulate programs. 
2. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run. 
3. Copy and paste the following line of text into the Run dialog box, and click the OK button: 
4. In the window that appears, delete the Articulate folder. 

Then verify if you're able to save your story. 

If the issue persists, please try to create a new Storyline project file, and manually copy and paste each slides into the new story. 

Be sure you're working from your local hard drive (typically your C: drive) when creating, editing, or publishing a Storyline project. Working from a network drive or a USB drive can cause erratic behavior, such as file corruption, an inability to save changes you've made to your project, and loss of resources. 

Are you still having trouble? If so, I'll have Miker reach back out to you so we can continue troubleshooting. 

Ellen Kupp

Hi again ... just getting back to this. I opened the new file and tried to work on it and it is indicating that it is corrupted again. And Storyline is now unresponsive. I've closed down a couple of times to try to get it to reset, but that's not working. I cannot now close the file or click anywhere on it. Suggestions?

BTW, when I first opened the file again, a box popped up warning something about the use of Gil Sans font being used in the file (altogether likely, although I thought I had changed everything to Lato) and that it wouldn't show up properly.

Ellen Kupp

Hi Leslie ... I am working off my C:Drive ... using Parallels on a Mac. The other stuff on Parallels is working fine. I did reinstall the Articulate 360 (so it will be the very latest) and that got the program going again. Thanks for the article with the tips for avoiding corruption. Hoping this solves my problem for now.

Ren Gomez

Hola Ruth Berta,

Lamento que te estés encontrando con este problema. Gracias por compartir esas imagenes. Abrí un caso de soporte y le enviaré un enlace por correo electrónico para cargar directamente su archivo .story para que uno de nuestros ingenieros de soporte lo revise.

Mientras tanto, eche un vistazo a este artículo sobre la reducción de archivos corruptos en Storyline.

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