Corrupted files

May 11, 2013

I think my Storyline files have been corrputed.  Is there any way i can reinstall storyline on my desktop computer?

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Geert De Rycke

Hi Alan

what are the symptoms.

Is it a file that doesn't want to open ?

Is it a runtime error....

Reinstalling SL on a machine where it has been installed before is not a problem. If you are installing it on an other processor, then you might require a new installation key.This you can get via the Articulate helpdesk.

If you have the original SL box, you'll have the licence key somewhere on it. If you don't find it, launch SL and get it from the helpscreen you'll need it when reinstalling...



Alan Landers

Hi Geert,

My program is running very very slow.  For example when I insert a pix I cannot place it exactly where I want.  The image hesitates before moving and then jumps to a location.  The same thing happens when I try to resize the image.  Ther is no fine adjustments.  I have 12 gigs of RAM on a very fast motherboard and a superfast video card.  My initial thoughts were my system has a bug or virus.

I swept my machine with two antivirus/anti-malware programs, maximized it with a system tool, and even changed all the pix from high res JPGs to medium res.

Still slow, but better.  So now, I'm thinking it's a corrupted file. (I have no idea how that could have happened)  I have my license key, but don't know how to reinstall the program.  I can't seem to locate the appropriate file.

Any help is appreciated.  Tks

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Alan - have you applied the most recent update? You should be running update 2.

If you want to uninstall but no longer have the executable you should put in a support ticket - they can help you out with this but before you do that you might want to try opening a new project in story and then importing your problematic story file into the new one. Sometimes this helps.

Geert De Rycke

Hi Alan,

I agree with Nancy.

Also turning your machine off and on again may help to clean out the corrupt memory...

Is it only SL that runs slow or are there other processes suffering as well?

Have you looked at the memory usage with TaskManager (taskmgr)? I used to have a few issues with memory when I used the previous upgrade, I frequently ran out of memory

In any case, SL is a 32 bit application, so it can only address 2 GB



Phil Mayor

Large images especially iwithn states can cause this slow running.  Doesn't sound corrupted just sounds like there is too much on a slide. This is likely the reason why images are jumping around because you are not waiting for storyline to catch up with your actions.

I am guilty of doing this but using images of much higher quality than the slide will slow you down becase each time you do something Storyline has to redraw the screen.

I f you can post one of the slides I am sure some of us can check if it is slow on our machines.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Peter and welcome to the community!

There's definitely an issue with the file. When I try to open it, I receive the following error:

"This project is invalid or corrupt and cannot be opened. It may have been created in an earlier version of Storyline."

I attempted to import the existing project into a new file, but also received a corruption error log. 

I'm also afraid I'm not clear on how you shared the project with our support team. Did you use this page? If so, when you submit a support case, you should receive a confirmation email with a case number. We can access the details with this number and check in on the progress of the case. 

Let us know if you're able to share that information so we can see what steps have already been taken. It may not be possible to recover that file, but if it is, we'd like to share the information here.



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