Corrupted Stroyline Files


We are a small company including six Storyline Designers/Developers.

On a daily basis, we are running ti Storyline.story files getting corrupted anytime we more then from one computer to another.:

  • We are all on Update 6
  • We all only open and use *.story files on out hared drives

Corruptions ALWAYS come through when transferring through the following means:

  • Common network dive storage location
  • SharePoint folder
  • DrobBox
  • WeTansfer
  • Flash drives

I hate to say, but this is SO time consuming and troublesome we are considering moving to Adobe Capitivae or even Letora.

Our screens are all set to "Small" for the 96 dpi versus the 120 dpi problem.

Examples of problems:

  • Tex boxes reshape themselves using elongating the boxes.
  • Font sixes change showing multiple font sizes on the same screens
  • Broken links
  • Broken triggers completely screwing up navigation
  • Random reordering of screen order
  • Random reordering of scene/Lesson order

.All our computers have the same resolution settings, and because of client requirement we do all out WBT is 1020 X 768. We use both client and internal style guides to make heading/body text and sizes are consistent thought the course.

every single file corrupts upon transfer between computers.

What are we to do? We need a sible troubleshooting job-aid like a checklist to help fix this.

Microsoft Off files don't have this problem, why should Storyline?

Signed, very frustrated PM

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rick,

I'm sorry to hear about the issues that you and your team have experienced. It sounds like you've gone through the majority of the standard troubleshooting for corrupted files, and since it sounds like it's happening on every file - I'd like to see if we could take a look at one of the .story files that has been problematic and if you can share it with us in a few of the ways in which you normally share it with your team.

For ease of continued troubleshooting, I have gone ahead and opened up a support case on your behalf as that way we'll be able to easily share files and then dive a little deeper into settings and such for you and your team. You should receive the email notification shortly and you'll be able to upload one of the files to us directly there, and feel free to share the Dropbox, WeTransfer links as well. If there is any additional information in terms of your set up that would be helpful for our team to know (i.e. this is a new issue for update 6, you're all working in VMs, etc.) please include that information when uploading the file.

I'll continue to follow along as well in the case.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Nate -- Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear of your troubles! First, may I ask if you are adhering to the guidelines here for avoiding corruption:  Follow These Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Corrupting or Losing Project Files?

And also, if you should experience a corrupt file, please see the following for recovery attempts:

1) Open this folder in Windows Explorer: %appdata%\Articulate\Storyline

2) Scan the contents of this folder for a file that starts with the name of your project. If you find one, copy it to your desktop. If you find more than one, copy the latest version to your desktop.

3) Change the file extension of the copy on your desktop from *.tmp to *.story.

4) Double-click the file to open it in Storyline.

Please let us know if that helps or if you are still having difficulties!