CorruptedData: HELP!!!

Hi all, I thought the forums might provide a quicker solution than going back and forth with Articulate Support. I have a large, nearly-complete project that is experiencing the dreaded CorruptedData issue. I can open the project but I cannot make any additional changes and save. I have tried looking for the .tmp files as Articulate suggested to no avail. I also tried importing the project into the new project with very strange results, mainly crazy color shifts.

So...I thought I'd copy each scene and paste one-by-one into a single new project. That seemed to work, as I now have a working project file that I can modify and save. BUT...I now have 6 sets of master slides, 5 of which appear to have come from the 5 scenes I copied from my corrupted project plus the blank default master slide that came with the newly-created file. The problem is the blank master slide is being applied to all my content, so my backgrounds, fonts and colors are now all wrong. But it won't let me delete the blank master slides (nor any of the 5 new master slides sets that carried over via my cut/paste). Is there any way I can fix this??? Not a good look for me with my client, who needs this published project tomorrow. :(

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris,

A corrupted data message is certainly something that can cause some panic - so I'm glad you reached out here and went the route of starting a case!

I see that you were working with Vevette and she shared some additional information with you last night! I hope that worked for how to delete the masters, but if you need more help let me know here or respond to Vevette's email. 

We'll get you fixed up!

Sam Carter

I have a similar problem on a large project where images on specific slides will not display at all. Changing the image has no effect. Inserting the image as NEW results in a thumbnail-sized transparent "image". We've tried importing to a new project and find every slide imported gets it's own master... 84 masters... and the problem still persists. 

We've resorted to deleting questionable slides and rebuilding them one object at a time. This of course is not reassuring for the longer term. Something bad lurks inside SL360 to cause this behavior.

It is a bit of a cop-out to point to the .story as corrupted.  SL360 is doing the work the ultimately results in the corruption.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sam, 

I see you're working with Vevette too - so I'll give her a heads up about this forum discussion. 

I know that file corruption can be confusing and hard to pin point. Our team reviews and tracks these, and all too often they've been associated with environmental causes like where the file is saved, how images are inserted, etc. I can see how that feels like a cop out - but it's where we often start our troubleshooting as it resolves the majority of issues. 

It's not the cause with everyone or every file, so we'll keep testing your file and work with you in the Support case.