CORS Error on LMS

May 02, 2019

I am trying to set up Storyline 360 projects on an LMS we are testing and they will not work. I am being told that this is an issue with the LMS  and a CORS (?) allowance:

We are getting CORS error " No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource." when content is played in Litmos.

The LMS is Litmos. I am not intending to implement this CORS request. When I export from Rise using xAPI I don't get a similar error (I do have the issue that Rise is not reporting completion to the LMS). I get this error with all Storyline xAPI Files I upload (SCORM works fine).

Any idea of how to resolve this? The LMS support staff told to ask Articulate why the two software packages export xAPI differently. If they do I imagine there is a reason.

I attached two files for research if anyone wants to dig in. (one Rise and one Storyline)

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Kyle Mullaney

The LMS provided told me they are getting the error when they test it. When
I launch it the widows open but the first slide will not come up. I can
also play it fine in SCORMCloud.

The error is on the LMS side not the actual file. They said their API doesn't support it. As I have done more research that indicates that they do not support xAPI as they claim.

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