Could someone check please....hidden animation options,

Would appreciate a check of this please - looks like a bug to me.

I have an object with animations, and hide it using the "eye".

I select another object or objects, and return to the original object.

I uncheck the hide/eye, the animations options do not return - they are greyed out in the Ribbon - I need to select another object and then return to the original before my animation options in the Ribbon become available again.



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Helen Tyson

Hi Bruce

I've just tried this and found that if I select the hidden object in the timeline and then open the eye focus isn't drawn to that object on the slide although it appears to be selected in the timeline. This means you need to select it on the slide to bring back the animation.  Whereas, if I open the eye on the timeline and then select the object it draws focus as you'd expect.

I can't decide if it's a bug or not as you wouldn't expect a object that for all intents and purposes isn't there to draw focus, but having it highlight on the timeline would make you think it should.  Maybe the bug is the ability to select an object on the timeline when it is hidden?