Count down timer

I'm trying to build a simple count down timer. I found an excellent example in this video:

This timer adds number, but I already figure it out how to subtract numbers instead of adding numbers. My question is: how can I make the timer stop when it gets to "0". Can anybody help me to solve this problem? It must very easy stuff but I'm blocked. Or is there any other example I can watch? I've checking a lot of videos and reading a lot of information but I still can find the answer. Thanks in advance.

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Ramon Talavera


Thank you very much for your input but it didn't work, or maybe I'm doing something wrong.

I tried your idea including a new slide and the trigger in the base layer. I didn't work. I moved the trigger to slide 1 and to slide 2 (following the example in the video) and didn't work either. Any other idea?

Tom Kuhlmann

You're looping between those two layers: timer1 and timer2. When you hit zero, you need to stop looping.

You could put a trigger to hider layer when variable changes to X. That leaves the layer and stops the loop. Here's a tutorial to one way to do it.

Ramon Talavera

First of all, thank you all of you who tried to help me to fix this issue in my project. Tom, yes, your example helped me fix the problem!  I also found another way to do it. I included a trigger in layer 2 instead of layer 1. I'm including the image to share it with the community.

Thank you all again