count of rectangles with visited state

May 04, 2018

is there a way of counting all visited states on a slide without having to add a trigger to add to a variable on each rectangle.

my slide will have approximately 600 rectangle and i need a count of those that are in a visited state. is there a way of doing it please.

currently i have

"Add 1 to used when user clicks rectangle 1"

"Add 1 to used when user clicks rectangle 2"

"Add 1 to used when user clicks rectangle 3"



the used needs to refresh after every click

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Walt Hamilton

The fastest way is to create a rectangle with the trigger, then copy and paste. The trigger will be carried along, and will refer to the new object.

If it is too late for that, you can create one trigger, copy it, select a new rectangle and paste. Since you are using the same variable, the paste will change the "When clicks" part to match the destination object.

Otherwise, it is one trigger at a time when they are clicked to see if they are visited :(.


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