Count Trigger for visited layers, stop base movement when hovered

Sep 10, 2013

I created a slide where the learner hovers over the data field and the information layer appears. But have run into 2 problems.

1.      I set the layer properties to not allow the learner to click on base slide. But they are able to move the mouse and the next layer stops before the time line ends. Is there a way to create a trigger to keep them from being able to do this? Would it make a difference if they had to click the field versus hover to get activate the layer?

2.      I have a counter that shows the learner how many of the 12 fields they have visited to assist in keeping count. The hover boxes will be transparent when the course is live, so there will be no 'visited' state being shown. The counter works as designed, but if they revisit a field it also adds to the counter. I tried to create a visit state on an object off the side of the screen, but all that did was make the counter not work at all.  Can someone tell me how I would add a trigger for it to know to not add to the counter if the layer has already been visited?

I have attached what I have working so far if that helps. Thanks you in advance for the assistance. I am slowly learning how to use triggers. 

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Jesse Cabaniss

If you want to still have a counter, this is how I managed to do it:

  1. Deleted the adjust variable trigger from the layer (not the base layer)
  2. Added that same variable to the base layer but the trigger adds 1 on mouse hover without restoring on mouse leave (uncheck the box)
  3. Added to that same trigger a condition that it only will add 1 if that shape is not in a visited state
  4. Added a visited state for the shape
  5. Added another trigger that changes the state to visited on mouse hover without restoring on mouse leave

Not sure if this is the easiest or most elegant way to accomplish this, but it seems to do the trick.

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