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Hi All,

I'm really struggling with this issue. Someone kindly helped me with this before but I can seem to locate who. The assessment question does not have a right answer, I simply want the complete button to be selected if any of the boxes have been ticked and incomplete selected if none are selected. This seems to be working fine on the first slide but isn't on the second or third (I simply duplicated the slide so have no idea why). Second issue is once the 'complete' layer shows it automatically skips to the next slide although I have set triggers to ensure the user has to click 'continue' before it moves on. I'd be super grateful if someone could help. (Story file attached). Please note this has been tested on  the intended LMS and does not work despite my best efforts.


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Susi B

Hi Farai,

you used the same variable for each slide without resetting it. That´s why it doesn´t work. If you click on a box and uncheck it (so no box is checked) the variable is still "true". I added a trigger so when no box is selected it changes back to "false". And a trigger to reset the variable when the user clicks continue on the complete layer so its resettet for your next slide. Also I deleted your buttons outside of the slide, because you don´t need them (I think) and you have a cleaner trigger list. I changed the "send interaction" to show layer (whichever you want to show of the 2) so the standard warning won´t appear.

You might want to adjust the slide properties to either "reset to initial state" or "resume advanced state" because storylines "automatically decide" doesn´t always work the way you want to.

Have a look at the file attached if you have SL3/360. If you have an older version I can create a short video of what I have done for you.