Countdown timer for an entire test - is it possible??

I am looking into switching over to Storyline, but I have a pretty important course with a timer that I would need to be able to reproduce before considering the switch. It's a timed exam. The timer displays when the user begins the exam and counts down as they complete the questions (100 questions, randomly pulled from a pool). When time is up, a pop-up says so, and user is taken to the score page, where the score automatically generates. If the user comes to the score page before the time is up, they have the option to go back through all their questions before clicking a button that ends the test and produces a score. Regardless, when time is up, it's up and the test is scored. Can this be done in Articulate?

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Christine Reynolds

Hi Leslie, it appears as though it will work like I need it to, based on the articles Michael sent me. Do you see any issues with me achieving the process described in the original post? I need to just get in the software and test it, but knowing a bit more before I start could save me some time in the long run.

Leslie McKerchie

I would recommend that you try the trial for sure. 

The only thing that I would say is that you may want to have your quizzes set to submit all at once as well if you expect the user to be able to change answers before submission if they still have time in the quiz. Otherwise, when they reach the results slide, they have reached the results slide and the quiz is finished.

Christine Reynolds

Ok, great.. so there is a way to allow them to go back and make changes or review before the submit their answers and the test is scored? I assume there is a way to set up a page that gives them options before moving on to the score page. So they can either go back, or proceed to score. Sounds like it should all work, but I will give the trial a test.. Thank you!