Counting and displaying correct answers on result Slide


Does anyone know how to count the number of correct answers in a course that has scattered questions throughout and display this number on the result page in Storyline?

Here is what I've done so far: I am adding a value of 1 to a variable called TotalCorrectAnswers on the correct layer in my question slides. I need to set my question slides to resume saved data when revisiting so student can see what feedback he received whenever he goes back. So the problem is when going back to the slide TotalCorrectAnswers would still be incremented by 1.  How can I prevent that?



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Maneli Badakhshan

Okay I figured it out!

Here is how I prevented the total number of correct answers from incrementing by 1:

I created another variable and called it Q#CorrectLayerRevisited and initially set it to False. This variable is changing to True whenever the value of the variable TotalCorrectAnswers changes. And finally incrementing TotalCorrectAnswers by 1 in the condition that Q#CorrectLayerRevisited is equal to false. 

When revisiting the question slide the Q#CorrectLayerRevisited variable is always True and therefore TotalCorrectAnswers won't increment by 1.

Hope this helps someone.