Counting score of passed branching Questions

Hi all!

I've created about 60 Multiple Choice Questions in Storyline. Each answer option leads to another slide - it's branched. In the question form I defined the score for each question.

At the end I need a result slide which shows the Total of possible Points but only of the sildes which were answered. I persum I need to work with trigger... ?

Any idea?

Ps: I have own created Feedback Layers in my story.

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Zsolt Olah

Hi Lara,

I'm not sure about the details of the project (how you're tracking and reporting) but I would create two variables with a default of 0. And then on each layer (whether it's correct or incorrect), you would add to these variables. 

One variable could track the potential total points. Whether the user answers the question correctly or not, you would add the max points for the question to this variable. 

The other the gained points. If the user ends up on the success layer, you would add the points gained to this variable.

If you also want to know how many questions they got through, you can add another variable that adds 1 to this variable on each question slide.

Lara Riederer

Hi, thank you! You gave me a very good hint.

I've already got a trigger which defines the correct/incorrect layer. So I just neeed to set a new trigger with the max score for each layer. On the result slide get the right max. score. So far so good.

I've a review button which allows the user to see all selected answers. So when the users is watching his review it counts again the max. point.... how can i prevent this?

Which step do I miss?




Zsolt Olah

In that case add another variable: Review and set it to False. Then for the triggers that adding the score, you'll need to also add a condition: when Review = False. When the user first answers the questions, the condition will be true.

Once the user gets through the questions and clicks the Review button, set the Review variable to True. This way, it won't add more points as the Review variable is not False anymore. Just make sure the order of triggers are correct on the Review button. First, set the Review variable to True, and then do a jump to slide or however you do your review.  

Makes sense?