Counting variable and displaying lightbox slides

May 21, 2013

OK so I have a quiz. It has 20 questions banks, and pulls 1 question from each bank, so each time the quiz is run it consists of 20 questions. I have created a variable that increments by 1 every time a question is answered correctly. When the count reaches 10 (after answering 10 questions correctly), a Lightbox slide displays. If I get question 11 correct there is no problem as the count goes up to 11 BUT If I get question 11 incorrect, the variable counter stays at 10 and the lightbox slides displays again. Similarly if I then get the next question incorrect the count stays at 10 and the lightbox slide displays again. Can someone help me understand how I can get around this. I want the lightbox slide to display when the count reaches 10, but only for 1 time. I do not want to it to keep displaying if I get the following questions incorrect. Any help much appreciated thank you

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Laith Salama

Hi Justin,

Do you have a .story file we could look at? I'm thinking you could create another variable to trigger to True when the lightbox has been displayed and leave it as True thereafter and only display the lightbox if the variable is equal to False?

I am a huuuge fan of variables though and tend to use them when not needed so there may be a simpler way of doing this....



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