"Counting" Variable Jumping After Retry Quiz

Jan 22, 2014

After retrying quizzes, my counting function will skip 1 and throw off the counter.

I added a counting function to my quizzes so that the user knows what question number they are on. The question order is randomized, so a variable is required. Here is how it works:

Variable starts at 0 (Question 0 of 20)

First question slide adds 1.00 at the beginning of the slide (1/20)


Last question (20/20)

Review slide resets 0/20

Retry Quiz; First question (Reset to Initial State) slide adds 1.00 at the beginning of the slide (1/20)

Now, at some point throughout this attempt counting will skip a number. Ex. 12 456... ALWAYS this attempt will end with the final slide reading 21/20. All subsequent quiz attempts will have the same result. Each time the skip will occur at a different place in the exam (beginning/middle/end). The slide that the skip occurs on and the slides surrounding that skipped slide also vary.

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Lesley Cashman-Peck

Hi Zollie,

I use exams in the same manner as you described. I didn't see you mention this so I thought I'd ask if you're resetting the counting variable when clicking on "Retry Quiz" and on "Review Slide"?  I've found that when I don't reset the variable strange counting things happen as well during review and retrying the exam, especially if you're using an exam bank.

Also, what's worked really well for me is adding the counting variables on the slide master for my question layout. You can control (for example) that the counter adds 1 when the user clicks "Next" and substracts 1 when the user clicks "Previous" from the slide master, even if you don't have these navigation controls visible on the slide.

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