Couple of issues on new project-URGENT

I have a new project I am trying to complete and I just have a question. My trial has almost run out so a quick response would be MUCH appreciated!


1) I have noticed that on some slides the narration comes on again and others it doesn't. Is there a way to set it globally to replay or do I have to turn on return to initial state on every slide?

 If you have a minute I would LOVE any feedback. Probably don't have time for major overhaul but any mechanical or other quick fixes I am game for! It is not complete but your advice on these issues would be greatly appreciated!

1) There are two quizzes at the end of the Electronic Resume section..please pick the one you like best.
2) There are quizzes in the Cover letter section that are a combination of check mark and hotspot-do you feel I should use one or the other and if so which one
3) I added a job aid to the resources area and I am working on fixing the white border around the clip (if anyone knows how to do this seemingly ridicously easy task would love to know how). Do you recommend PDF or WordDoc? Having issues with protecting in..only shows up in view mode which is hard to see

Thanks so much..this is the most awesome community I've ever been a  part of !



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tracy

I only had a few minutes to look so haven't gone all the way through it.,..couple of comments

1. I would include a module title so the learner knows what they are going to be covering

2. The audio for me (an Aussie) was a little too quick

3. I would disable the quiz button on the hub page so they can't jump straight there as the audio says '...the content you have covered' but I really haven't covered anything. The enable it once all the sections are completed if that is your requirement.

4. Branding opener - audio 'by the time this countdown is done'...but the counter is counting up?

5. Next slide after branding opener - lots of text on one  screen - suggest breaking it up into layers that display when the user clicks or when the media completes.

Hope that helps