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Hello everyone!  I am having creative paralysis on a topic and am hoping for suggestions to break me out of it.

We have a software form to show learners, and the intent is to give details about the "need to know" fields within that form.  The obstacle I'm facing is that when using the form, the user has to scroll up/down, as well as left/right while in it to reach all of these fields. 

So I am having trouble with an approach to that.  I want them to see the entire form and not present it in "quadrants" if I'm able.  But at this point I'm willing to take any path that gives them the most "live" view of the form as they can get.

Any and all answers are much appreciated!


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Bruce Graham

Hi Gregory.

Have a look at this -

Nothing like what you want BUT the concept might work IF you are showing an image of the form.

You could show the form (perhaps using the Image Magnify function), and then use the Zoom feature in some way like this to "fly" around sections of the Form?

Not sure if it will work - but worth a try perhaps.


Jeanette Brooks

Bruce, I love that zoom/pan effect!

Gregory, another idea that might work is to show a screenshot of the entire software UI, and then place hotspots or shapes over specific areas that you want to feature, so that learners can drill in to the item they want to explore. Then use a lightbox to display detailed info or a screen recording on just that item. Attached is a quick-and-dirty example of what I mean. Preview it in Storyline and click on one of the red rectangles.