Course behaviour on LMS

May 19, 2016

I created a course on Storyline where the learner has two tries to complete a test.

The LMS my organization uses is Kennexa.

On the LMS, I have noticed the following statuses: In Progress , Incomplete, Pass or Fail.

When I placed the course on the LMS, I tested it and had the following results:

Passed = passed

Opened the course and exited out without completion = fail

Came back to the course at a later date for attempt 2 = fail

Does anyone know what the In Progress and Incomplete statuses can mean?

Also, is there a way to track score or time spent within the course or access in Kennexa?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi A E! 

What option do you have for Report Status to LMS in your tracking? Sounds like it must be Passed/Failed. You can try a different tracking and check out this troubleshooting documentation as well.

I think those statuses may be dependent on your LMS. We advise to test the content in SCORM Cloud if you need to determine if an issue lies within the project or within the LMS. If you can replicate in SCORM Cloud, then we typically take a look at the project.

If you wish to track by score, you can do so in your publish settings as well. You can track by slides viewed or via result slide. The time may be something your LMS can do for you. This article explains what is sent to the LMS.

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