Course blanking out following a web object

Hi friends - I'm having a weird problem and I'm not sure if it's anything anyone else using Storyline has had issues with or if it's something in my LMS.

I am creating courses with Storyline 2 and hosting them on my Mzinga LMS. These are templates that my team uses all the time and nothing has changed, but recently, when I view the published courses in IE, any page following a page with a web object on it won't display - the screen will just be white, though if there's audio on that slide it will play. I can't do anything to navigate and have to close the window, but if I re-launch the course and resume where I left off, I can get to the next slide.

Some other designers on my team have had the issue, and I want to rule out it being anything known with Storyline. It's annoying but we can deal with it on our team, but I want to make sure it's not impacting any of our customers who are trying to take the courses.

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Ali Goulet

Hi Anneke,

That's certainly not ideal! I would recommend troubleshooting this using SCORM Cloud. If you're able to reproduce that behavior there, would you mind sharing your .story project file here so we can do some testing? You can add it as an attachment right to a comment in this thread, or if you'd prefer to share it privately with our Support Engineers you can do so by way of this form

If you don't see the same thing happening when viewing your course in SCORM Cloud, that would be a good indicator that it's an LMS specific issue. 

Keep me posted on how it goes! :)

Anneke Garcia

Thanks Ali. I just had the same problem occur while testing in SCORM Cloud in IE, so I'll attach the story file. What's happening is as soon as I pass the first slide with an embedded web object (a PDF reading), the next slide won't display and I just get a white screen.

Ali Goulet

Hi Anneke,

Thanks for sharing your file and the link to your SCORM test! I was able to see what you're describing in IE both in your link and when I published on my own and uploaded to SCORM Cloud as well. I've gone ahead and opened a case for you with our Support Engineers, case #00955887, and they'll be reaching out to you shortly via email to investigate this further. They're rockstars so you're in great hands! I'll also be following along with it as well and will report relevant details back to this thread for anyone that may find it helpful. Thanks again! :)

Lisa Tomlin

Hi All,

I've noticed the "White window" problem increasing over the past several months. After contacting our IT department, they sent the following:

 I talked this over with security and with the server team who controls deployed security updates. It appears that this no longer works because unsigned scripts can't run in IE from the hard drive. We could see if server can come up with a custom solution but that may require a project, or there other advice was to check with the vendor.

Do you have a recommendation as to how to fix this problem?

Many thanks! - lisa

Ali Goulet

Hi Lisa! Sorry this is happening, in Anneke's case above it appears the problem was related to running an older version of Internet Explorer. Can you confirm what version of IE you're running? Also, what environment are your courses published for and where are you accessing them from? You mentioned a server, are you publishing for the web and then uploading them to a web server to access them?

You can also feel free to reach out to our Support Engineers directly over here and they'll be more than happy to investigate further with you to determine the underlying cause here.

Anneke Garcia

Hey Lisa -

What ended up working for our team, since we can't update our versions of software without company-wide IT permission, was to add the site that hosts our LMS to compatibility view in IE. To do that, just go to the page where your course is hosted and then go to the settings in IE (the gear icon in the upper right) and choose Compatibility View Settings. It will display the website you're currently on and you can click Add to add it to the list of sites that need to be viewed with Compatibility View. This has 100% solved the white screen problem for me, and I have also been able to suggest it to a couple users who were having the same problem. It stinks that it's not a fix I can just deploy to everyone, but at least it solves the problem one user at a time. You could even add a disclaimer to your course if needed.