Course completion: branched path to different result slides: how?


I've created a course with a set of scenarios.  If the learner goes through the scenarios and is able to demonstrate that they understand the concepts covered sufficiently then they will 'pass' the course.  If they aren't able to demonstrate sufficient understanding, they are directed to an assessment which they complete to 'pass' the course.

Currently I use a score variable which tracks progress through the scenario and if it is high enough, learners are directed to a 'dummy quiz' (which is basically a screen with a hotspot) which sends them to a result slide with a 0% pass mark - so in effect, means they pass the course.  

If the score is too low, the learner is directed to a traditional quiz with a traditional results slide.  Where they pass/fail according to settings.

The problem is, when I publish the course I can only associate it with one result slide, which is fine.  But I need to do this conditionally.  Any ideas?  I'm stuck and am reaching my deadline...........


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Simon Perkins

You can use JavaScript to send a specific score and completion status at any time.  Hence you can have multiple branching scenarios and differently scored outcomes for each.

Have attached a demo.  Look at the script in each trigger where the JavaScript is called.

Tim Spinler

I've had this situation as well.  In my case, we usually give learners the option to review the content that they just went through. In order to send completion data to the LMS, regardless of what branching they have gone through, they are brought to a slide that askes if they want to review any of the content or conclude the course.  The slide is a Pick One Freeform question and the conclude button is the "correct" answer.  I then set completion of the course to be based on the results of that question.