Course Completion Button Trigger Issue

Hello! I need assistance with a course completion button as a newer user. At the end of course I have users return to the Main Menu where a Course Completion button appears for them to select at the end of the course. See attached graphic for a view of the screen and triggers menu.

What's happening:

  • On the course menu there is a course completion button on this slide initially set to Hidden.
  • The trigger I have set on the Course Completion button is to go from Hidden to Normal when all 3 menu section buttons have been visited.
  • The challenge is when users select the last course section button (features & benefits), the Course Completion button appears very briefly (because it's set to go to Normal once the section is visited) before it goes to the selected section.
  • I want the Course Completion button not to briefly show while users are navigating to the last section.


What trigger do I need to use to get the Course Completion on the Main Menu to only appear until AFTER the users complete all sections after having returned to the Main Menu at the end?

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Mike Enders

Hi Cindy,

And welcome to the community!

Even though evaluating states (as you are in this situation) are almost always the more elegant means of setting things up, you have happened upon an instance (the brief flash) where it might be beneficial to utilize a variable. 

Here's what I'd do:

If the user visits each area from top to bottom, in order, then I'd:

1. Create a T/F variable (I like to set it to an initial value of False so I can think "has the user finished the final section? True or False?).

2. On the menu slide, create a trigger that changes the state of the hidden button to Normal when the timeline starts, IF the variable = True. 

3. At the end of your last section, you'll add a trigger on whatever button the learner clicks to return back to the main menu. The trigger will be "Adjust variable (your T/F variable) to True when user clicks the button". Put this trigger above the jump to menu slide trigger so it fires before you jump!

So what happens now is that each time the user returns back to the main menu, Storyline is evaluating whether that T/F variable is True. If it's not, the Course Completion button stays hidden. If the user has completed that section, then when they click the button to return, the variable changes to True, and when they hit the menu slide, Storyline will adjust the button to it's normal state. 

If the user can visit each area in any order, then I'd simply extend this same formula:

1. Create a T/F variable for each section.

2. On the menu slide, create a trigger that changes the state of the hiddent button to Normal when the timeline starts, IF all three T/F variables are equal to true.

3. At the end of each section, you'll do the same thing as before, just making sure that each section is changing it's unique T/F variable that you've created for it.

I've attached an example (created in Storyline 2 as I wasn't sure what version you're using). Hopefully it helps get you across the finish line!

Go Get 'Em!



Mike DiFonzo


I know you posted this awhile ago but I had an issue where I was changing the states on a character and had a "flashing" issue. I put the changed state on another layer and displayed the layer which resulted in the flashing issue disappearing and a much smoother transition.