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Hi all,

I have a very weird but frustrating issue with Articulate Storyline content on Cornerstone.  I am using Articulate Storyline 3 and publishing on SCORM 1.2.  Course Completion is set to be measuring from a quiz on the only Results Slide I have.  When uploaded to Cornerstone, users are completing the course but it is not recording as Complete.  I run the reports and can see that users are scoring 80% and over (80% is the pass score) but Cornerstone is not giving them this Completion status.  As a result we are having to manually change user status from 'Started' to 'Completed' for anyone who achieves the pass score which is a considerable administrative burden.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this might be happening?  Thank you in advance for any advice you might be able to give.

Kind regards,

Tom Preskett



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tom,

It sounds like Storyline is passing the information correctly to Cornerstone, but that they're not changing the status. Have you reached out to your Cornerstone admin as well?

A few ways you could test and confirm what's going on: 

  • Test your content at SCORM Cloud to see if it registers as complete there. This article will walk you through troubleshooting there. 
  • Enable LMS debug mode, you'll see the information Storyline is passing to your LMS to confirm we are sending the completion status. 

Hope that helps, and please feel free to keep us posted! 

Tom Preskett

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the advice.  In the end, I managed to sort out the issue by deleting the results slide and recreating from scratch.  Not sure what the issue was but I think it was variable or trigger related.  However, your advice for debugging is useless and I'll file this away for the future.  I have a SCORM Cloud account and sometimes use it to test.  I should do this as standard from now on.


Tom Preskett

HI Sam,

I recreated by starting with a new blank results slide and creating all the contents to go within it again.  I now do this for all new courses as I find copying results slides from other courses can cause issues.  I've found that they sometimes don't load properly when published.  The result is that I find it safer to create results slide from scratch each time.