Course Completion Question

Hi All

[background info]

Version: Storyline 3 

LMS Platform: DOCEBO

[Main Question] 

I created a course which has total of 150 pages with storyline. 

If the user reached to page 120, I want LMS to count that the user finish the course. Currently DOCEBO side cannot handle it by pages, can I do something in Storyline3? Please help me, this is important. 

Thank you very much. 






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Jerry Beaucaire

There is a COMPLETE COURSE trigger available for you to apply.   To any trigger you can apply conditions, so you could get the effect this way.   This trigger would probably work by putting it into the MASTER SLIDES, else you'd have to copy it onto all the other slides.

Or, when you PUBLISH the course, use the TRACKING option and set minimum number of slides to be considered complete.