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Jan 10, 2015

I have created training courses using Storyline 1. The course ends with a "Print Out Certificate" button (if successful). Once printed the button automatically changes to an "End Course" button. When this is carried out the course ends.

The problem I am having is that when the course is accessed again (i.e. re-purchased) the user is given the opportunity to resume where they left off. In other words they can just print off another certificate without doing the course again.

I need the courses setting up so that they can be refreshed at intervals pre-set by customers (6 monthly, 12 monthly, etc.).

Is there any setting built into Storyline 1 which gets around this problem?

I am using Storyline 1 / Learn Dash LMS / Grassblade LRS through a WordPress site.

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Gary White

Hi Emily,

Thanks, I understand this option. However, I want to keep the resume prompt active in all slides, but not when someone has already finished the course. In other words remove it from the last slide only.

I would like students to leave the course if they wish and then pick up where they left of at a later date using the resume function.

The problem is that when the course has been completed, the last slide allows the student to print off a certificate if successful. The student can enter their name, print off a certificate and another slide layer then appears with a button to exit the course appearing over the print certificate button. When this is pressed, the course is exited.

If the course is then re-purchased, the student is given the resume option and if yes is pressed they can just enter their name and print off a certificate without doing the course again.

Is there any way the resume function can be removed from this last slide but leave the option on for the others or do I need to remove the option for all slides?

Thanks in anticipation.


Gary White

Hi Emily,

I have tried this and it seems to work if the sudent fails the course. This triggers a slide layer which only has the option to close the course if they resume. If they select no they are directed back to the start.

If the course is passed I have a slide layer which triggers after the certificate print button is pressed. The exit the course button is now over the top of the print button. I cannot get it to resume to this layer, it always resumes to the base layer.Therefore allowing the student to enter a name (possibly another name) and print off another certificate.

Emily Ruby

Hello Gary,

One idea would be to add a variable to the results slide to change to true if the score is passing, then add a trigger to show the layer to exit course when timeline starts if the variable is equal to true. Then when they resume, the layer will show up.

Attached is an example. Hope this will work for you.

Gary White

Hi Emily,

I have the problem sorted.

It was quite simple really. All I have done is inserted a new slide after the printing certificate slide.

I am using this final slide as a thank you, etc. This slide has a button which is triggered to exit the slide. Also set to resume saved status.

When the course is repurchased, they are taken to this slide now. The only option is to start from the beginning otherwise they simply exit the course. Obviously I have put a note in the resume prompt to give them warning of this.

Thanks very much for your help.


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