Course completions in SCORM 1.2 with Storyline 2 courses

We have created and published several courses to SCORM 1.2 using SL2.   We report status to LMS as Completed/Failed and Track using quiz results page.  Until recently, if a student a exited a course while in the assessment prior to completing it, the LMS would report Completed-Failed.  Recently we have had issues when the student would exit a course while in the assessment, say after answering only 1 question, and the course would stay In-Progress.  Then after opening it again, and answering another question and exiting the assessment it Completes -Fails.  In fact in one instance, after answering only one question in the assessment and exiting the course the status was Completed-Passed.  Has there been any change to SL2 recently?  We have about 32 courses we've published and until recently we did not experience this issue.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Preston! Thanks for reaching out.

It sounds like this could be related to your LMS. The last update to Storyline 2 was in October 2016, and you would have to re-publish all of your courses after updating your software for those updates to affect existing courses.

Have you had a chance to test once of your courses in SCORM Cloud yet? If you see the correct reporting status there, it's safe to say that this issue is related to your LMS. I'd be happy to help you with that testing if you'd like to share your file here!