Course Directions - One Time Slide Layer

Hi 👋 everyone - need some assistance.

Have an awesome SL360 menu screen I’ve created but need the course directions layer to appear only one time. 

Can someone help advise on settings as it is showing every time I come back to click on a new lesson from the menu. 

Im sure it’s an easy fix but nothing I’ve tried is working. Thank you! 


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Courtney

you could use a T/F variable - set to False.  Then try these triggers in this order:

  • Show layer (course directions) when timeline starts on condition that variable is = False. so the first time the slide starts the variable is false and will show the layer
  • Adjust variable to true when timeline ends (or user clicks Next button)  - now when the timeline starts again the variable will be true and should not show that layer

Make sure the slide revisit option is set to 'resume saved state'

If that doesn't work and you can share your story file might be easier for us to offer a solution specific to your setup.