Course does not resume where the learner left off

Dec 10, 2014


I am very new to e-learning and LMSs. I have created a course and published it to our LMS; however whenever a learner leaves mid-course, it always resumes at a previously reviewed section way earlier in the course, and it doesn't register that they have actually reviewed the content beyond this, making them have to do it all over again. I have been working with the LMS vendors and they have said it's a fault with the Storyline content and I have no idea what I've done for this to happen.

Any help would be appreciated! (Bear in mind I am a complete novice and struggle with all the jargon) 

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Kristy Cathro


The checkbox for ignoring cookies was checked and I'm tracking the course with a quiz.

I made a few changes when I re-published it: 1) Set resume to "always" rather than "prompting" and for whatever reason this seems to have worked. I've also noticed that there are a number of slides that have many layers and if a learner stops part-way through one slide with lots of layers, it will resume at the beginning of that slide. Obviously learners won't know that they are still on the same slide, so I need to separate out the long slides.

Thanks for the responses.

Dean Wasche

Hi, I'm having this issue on a course that is built in AS360. Resuming is fine up until the 6th scene but after this, the user is always returned to slide 6.10. I've tested in SCORM Cloud and I get the same behaviour. Any ideas? It is published as SCORM 1.2. I am aware of an issue with exceeding SCORM suspend data limits. Could it be this? I haven't tried publishing it in SCORM 2004 4th Ed yet as I'd rather keep it in 1.2 if possible. The data limits article mentions disabling the resume feature in SL. How do I do this please?

Lauren Connelly

Hello Dean!

We're happy to help! It's difficult to confirm if exceeding SCORM suspend data limits is the culprit here without testing the file. With your permission, I'd like our Support Engineers to work with you directly in a support case. You can upload your .story file to help them begin testing as soon as possible.

G Ubhare

Hi Lauren,

I am in the same situation with one of our top clients. The courses are big ranging from 70 pages to 150 pages but I have the same exact issue. After a certain page is reached in the module it just resumes to the same page. The client want to go live ASAP and it is putting a lot of stress on me. The only way I can think of is breaking down the modules into smaller chunks but the client will not accept that as a solution

Can someone please get in touch with me to provide a workaround to this issue