Course does not start from the web


Our website hosting company is working on this issue but with no progress so far, so I decided to ask for advice from the Storyline Community. I publish my courses for the web and when I check the output on my local disk it plays fine. When the folder is copied to the web root and we start the story.html, it opens a window with absolutely blank page - not a sign of anything starting. The publishing process is the same as the other e-modules that play fine. I also renamed story.html to index.html, then uploaded this folder  - did not help. Any solutions? If uploading file  helps, could you please give me the link for private upload. Thanks!

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Tamara Tarasova

Hi Leslie, 
Thanks for getting back. Republishing is not helping. The same folder plays fine on my disk, on Tempshare but not on the web. Also the audio in this file was corrupted, so I had to import it to a new project before I started having this problem. Wondering if there are limitations to SL courses length. Mine is about 50 minutes. Is that too long for the appropriate work of the  software? 

Tamara Tarasova

So I got back to the previous version and republish it. It worked. Now I have to deal with the audio corruption again - so frustrating! But at least I know that this is a particular file problem... I have a comment regarding the audio actually. I came across some postings that audio is preferred in certain formats. Why does SL allow other formats then? I started having audio bugs in my 3 modules after all audio editings  were done and uploaded - and that is 1 hour for each of the 3 modules!!! Now any time I change something - the audio messes up (stops in the middle of the slide for some of the slides. I came across the postings on how to fix them, but resaving 3 hours of audio and reuploading it also worth some time, right. Bottom line, if you know some audio files cause gliches, remove them from the list of allowed files. Or write make a pop up that will warn users that audio in certain formats may not play correctly.  Thanks!