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Mar 30, 2015


Is there any easy way to count total course duration in storyline?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Eric for the image. I don't reply that much from my iPad - but based on your image, I went and took a look to confirm and I see the same set up as you'll see in the image below:


Could you tell me what iPad version and iOS you're using? Also what browser did you view this in? I viewed it in Safari. Once I have that info I can check again and share with our web team to determine if there is different mobile behavior. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eric,

Sorry for the delay but I wanted to share this with our web team since we were seeing different things. One of them shared that if you're using and older mobile browser, that some of the functions may be missing - but since you're on iOS 8.2 you should also have the most up to date Safari. 

One of our web team figured out that the showing of the link icon may depend on the initial orientation of the iPad (vertical vs. horizontal) when you first clicked in the reply and brought the focus there. It seems that if you started vertical and then rotated to horizontal the link icon does not appear - you should be able to refresh the page while in a horizontal view to see everything correctly again

Let us know if you continue to experience odd behavior. 

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