Course duration

Oct 21, 2019

Hi All,

Is it possible to figure out the length/ duration of the course in Storyline? If yes, how can I find this information.


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Daniel King

Thanks for the quick response, Chester. Excellent! I knew there way an easy way, just couldn't figure it out. Another quick follow up question. As per your screenshot, when you selected "Calculate automatically" on the right it shows "About 5 seconds" when I tried it on my course it shows "About 2710 minutes".That I think is incorrect. What am I not understanding here?  

Chester Morales

Hi Manisha,

My screenshot is just based on a blank new project with just 1 slide. 

According to this article, it's just an estimate and based on a number of things - "Just keep in mind that Storyline’s estimated duration is just that: an estimate. The duration of a specific slide or an entire course can vary depending on the amount of interactivity, layers, branching scenarios, and other features you’ve added." (item #10 Get an Estimate of Your Course's Duration)

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