Course Duration

Feb 20, 2013

I am pretty sure, I have seen Articulate Storyline making an estimate of the course duration.

I am able to find the Duration field, when publishing to LMS - under tracking.

But I am not able to find a way to read out the result?

Could you please help me?

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Per Norsten

Hej Peter

I see that - but I am not thinking of durations of questions, and do not have a result slide at every section of my course.

Is it not possible to have an zumma estimate of time for sections without having a result slide?

I mean - each slide has a timeline. What is the duration of all slides, if timeline is used for all. Do I really need to add all timelines for each section, to have an estimate of the time for all slides?

That is where I thought, that the "Duration" field showed the total duration of the sectioin when publishing (tracking informations)

I think I rember it showed me sometime, but I don't remember where or how.

br Per

Peter Anderson

Thank you for the image, Per. As a test, I uploaded a coure to SCORM Cloud after filling in an estimated duration in the field you provided a picture of. Nowhere within SCORM Cloud do I see where that number is reported. I'll ask around and see what significance that particular field offers.

I do know, that if you choose to use the duration field from the screenshot I provided, that Storyline wil display that number when the course is launched from the Mobile Player app. 

So just to be clear, you're hoping for a way to display an estimated duration for your course before a user takes it? 

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