Course Editing, Post-Publish

 Hi all,

I'm not sure if this has been addressed in the past, and to be honest I think I already know the answer to this question, but I'll ask it all the same.

One of the things we're encountering in our work is whenever we finish publishing a course in SL for a client and it's up on our LMS, we have a client who'd come back to us and ask for minor changes (and these are usually contextual ones, not necessarily a change in functionality). The general expectation of clients is that this is a "quick fix" to the published course, but obviously it isn't.

In the SL workflow, the developer would have to open up the .story file, make the edit, then republish and update the course on the LMS - usually not a big deal but if there's QA involved, then they'd have to test the course from start to finish again. By then, the client wonders why it takes so long to finish "correcting a couple of lines" only to find that it's not the case.

Having said this, is there any merit to editing the .swf's in the story_content folder? I would imagine that you could go in one by one and find where the edit needs to be done, then edit the swf. Are there any downsides/setbacks to doing this? Or are there any alternatives that have been used to do quick, minor fixes to a published course?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Raphy, 

We don't support any modifications to the published output - and as far as I am aware changes such as what you described here would have to be made in the .story file and then republished/uploaded to the LMS.

Hopefully if someone in the community has taken on this challenge and can share their experience with you here they'll be able to pop in. 

Raphy Abano

Hey Ashley,

Yeah I figured that was the case - understandably so, I think editing content files within a published output could cause those parts to break. I had an instance where I could only update a published module from the LMS' backend, so I had to empty the files in a course's folder and paste the updated one instead of doing an overwrite because it would mess up the course.

Alright, I guess I'll just wait to see what everyone else has to say. :)