Course Exits, takes 20 seconds to report to LMS and display on site

This is a bit of a technical issue that I am researching.  I figured I'd start here to see if anyone has insight as to what occurs from the time I click "exit course" and my site refreshes.

When closing a module, (which is a separate tab in the browser), information is reported to the LMS.  It takes about 20 seconds for my browser to become responsive and update the module status on my website.   

It reports correctly, but its horrible for the user experience aspect of it.  Google Chrome hangs during that time and even suggest to kill the browser session or wait.  Is there some way I can find out what's going on during that time and improve the response time?  

I understand that there is communication from module to LMS, and LMS to website.  Is that where I should be looking?


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