Course Failing to Mark Complete

I have a course that is failing to move to a Completed status in the Cornerstone OnDemand LMS when completed on a mobile device after previously failing the course. This issue only occurs on mobile devices and only after previously failing the course. The course is published in SCORM 2004, 3rd ed. Course completion is based on a results slide, and reporting is set to Completed/Incomplete. I have submitted the issue to Cornerstone's support, and they provided the following response:


After navigating through the course in the manner you mentioned, I was not able to successfully complete the course.


I tested in the ideal SCORM environment, SCORM Cloud. I was not able to complete the course after failing the quiz. If the course fails to run on SCORM Cloud, we've identified a problem with the course. SCORM Cloud was helpful in possibly identifying the issue with the course.


According to SCORM Cloud, the Completion Progress of the course was actually tracked successfully. However, the Success Status fails to be appropriately sent back to the LMS when the learner first fails the quiz and then retries. These are both SCORM variables handled by:

cmi.complete_status (completed, incomplete, or unknown) cmi.success_status (passed, failed, unknown)


Some of the Debug Log:

 [08:54:22.251] GetValue('cmi.success_status') returned 'unknown' in 0.007 seconds [08:54:22.255] Checking for GetValue Error [08:54:22.255] Element is: success_status [08:54:22.255] Call is error free.

[08:54:22.257] RetrieveGetValueData (cmi.success_status, cmi.success_status, , ) [08:54:22.257] Element is: success status [08:54:22.257] Scaled Passing Score is not specified, using the success status recorded by the SCO-unknown


[08:54:26.783] SetValue('cmi.success_status', 'unknown') returned 'true' in 0.001 seconds [08:54:26.784] CheckForSetValueError (cmi.success_status, unknown, cmi.success_status, , ) [08:54:26.784] Element is: success_status [08:54:26.784] Call is error free.

[08:54:26.784] StoreValue (cmi.success_status, unknown, cmi.success_status, , ) [08:54:26.784] Element is: success_status


However, I have also tested the course in SCORM Cloud. When I pass the test on the first attempt, the Completion status moves to Complete and the Success status moves to Failed. When I fail the test and then retake it, I get the same results, and these are the results I would expect, because I know that Storyline passes only a completion or success status, but not both, and this has not been an issue for any of my other courses. Can someone tell me whether this is an issue with the course or the LMS, and if it is the course, how I would fix it? Thanks!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for letting us know you've tested the file in SCORM Cloud--that's usually the first thing we recommend. ☺️

So, are you saying that you see incorrect reporting in SCORM Cloud when you use a mobile device, but you see correct reporting on a desktop browser? Or is the reporting incorrect in all environments?

It would be really helpful to take a peek into your file. You can send it along to the Support team here, and they'll have a closer look at it. Be sure to let me know your case number so I can follow along, as well!

Ryan Moscoe

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for the fast response. In SCORM Cloud, the course reports a Completion Status of Completed and a Success Status of Failed, regardless of whether I complete the course on a mobile device or a PC, and regardless of whether I first fail the test and then pass it or just pass it on the first attempt.

I've opened a support case (01077438) and uploaded the course.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Chrissy! I just popped in to check on Ryan's case. I do not have confirmation of resolution, but I can share some information for you to take a look at.

If you want to report both the Completion status and Success status to your LMS, you need to choose either Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed when publishing Storyline content. See this article for more information.

If you are able to replicate the behavior in SCORM Cloud as well, you are certainly welcome to work with our support team here as well.

Ryan Moscoe

Articulate support informed me that Storyline could report both a completion status and a success status if I used the reporting option Passed/Incomplete. I have made that change in the course and tested in SCORM Cloud, where I did in fact receive a completion status of Complete and a success status of Passed. However, I am still experiencing the same issue in Cornerstone where the course does not move to a completed status when completed on a mobile device after first failing the test and then passing it. I suspect the issue lies with Cornerstone, but I have cases open with both Cornerstone and Articulate.

Ryan Moscoe

Hi Ben. Changing the reporting option to Passed/Incomplete eventually resolved the issue. I don't know why it didn't work at first, but I eventually got a response from the tech saying it was working. I retested it, and sure enough, it was working. Maybe the reversioning of the course just took a while to process.

Learning Services

Hello. I also use Cornerstone. I have been advised to publish as SCORM 2004, 3rd edition and Complete/Incomplete. Is there a reason Cornerstone advises to use Complete/Incompleted that anyone is aware of? Our courses are performing correctly on SCORM Cloud. However, we have a course incorrectly performing on Cornerstone (i.e, When a learner fails the quiz, they show as "In-Progress".). Thank you!