course file size guidelines?

I've searched the forum and didn't seen anything on this topic that's recent.

The file size of one of my modules is 13MB. (SL3) It'll be on an online server. 

I presume it'll load fine for people but just wondering if there's a current, general rule-of-thumb for max file size for a single course module for optimum loading time and good user experience. (I do realize there are other factors, like user's connection speed, etc)

Thanks for any general guidelines.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Karen!

We don't have any official guidelines for file size limits, but this thread has some recommendations that may be useful to you.

I would also encourage you to out this thread regarding Best Practices for Lengthy Courses. You'll find lots of good advice there from some really great folks!

I hope some others will be able to chime in to share some best practices and practical advice based on their experience :)