Course file storage good practice

A long while back I think there was some discussion about good practice in course authoring storage....separating the Storyline templates from the local copies of published output and keeping them together in one location (backed-up of course) to prevent overwriting/mis-publishing when amending course material and producing output files. There was some questions from the community about where files were disappearing to when everything was kept together in one folder.

But I can't find that good advice thread anywhere now!

I was just tidying-up my folder structure and I wondered with there a current recommended approach? 



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mike mcdonald

Great Alyssa. Yes, read through the thread.....that's it!

Yes, aside from naming conventions, back-ups etc. the key point was to keep .story local to avoid latency errors. I knew I read that somewhere! Thanks for that.

Due to the nature of what I do, I have found myself living within OneDrive since that original thread, hence the thought.