Course freezes on Internet Explorer

Course freezes on Internet Explorer

We created multiple eLearning courses in Storyline 3 for our client to be used on Internet Explorer. After a few months, one of the courses suddenly started having problems below:

* The course freezes in the middle of the course

* The course doesn't register as "course completed" on LMS (we use Sumtotal Maestro 5.0), even the user "exited" the course at the end of the course

It works fine when we play the course in Chrome, but our client only uses IE for security reasons. I'm wondering if this is caused by the large volume of videos used in this particular document (15 video clips, total of 48MB). Has anyone ever experienced similar problems before? If so, what did you do to fix it? I appreciate your help in advance.


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Katie Riggio

Hi, Atsuko! Really sorry your client is running into that wonky behavior in IE. Let's see if we can narrow this down!

Testing the course on another LMS like SCORM Cloud–an industry-standard tool for testing SCORM output–to see if you experience the same behavior is the best, first step. Just to get a neutral baseline outside of SumTotal.

If you experience the same behavior there, mind sharing your .story file with us so that we can help determine what is causing the problem in IE? I'll be here if you need help with that testing!

Atsuko Vega

Hello, Katie! Thank you so much for taking care of my issue!

I tested the course on SCORM Cloud in IE, but I couldn't finish it. In the middle of the slide, the voice and the picture started repeating again and again and never finish.

Following is the link of SCORM Engine Debug Log

I also attached .story of the course. The course is created in Japanese, so I am not sure if you can look into the course.... 


Katie Riggio

Hi, Atsuko! Really appreciate you testing the course in SCORM Cloud and sharing the LMS debug logs with us–brilliant move!

Out of curiosity, what version of IE are you using?

In the meantime, I've created a support case on your behalf and shared the logs with our Support Engineers. When you're ready to share the .story file for testing, here's the unique upload link to your case. We'll be standing by, and let's see if we can narrow down why this is happening in IE!

Katie Riggio

Really sorry your learners are experiencing freezing in IE, LN! 

I took a peek at Atsuko's case and saw that my teammate, Angelo, imported the file into a new Storyline project. It looks like there wasn't any freezing behavior when testing the new zipped output in the LMS/IE. Let's see if we can nail the culprit down for your case–can you help me with:

  • What version of Storyline are you using?
  • Does the freezing happen on a specific slide?
  • Did you publish the course for Web, LMS, or something else? If LMS, have you tried another LMS environment like SCORM Cloud to see if you experience the freezing there? I'm happy to dig into your .story file and help you with that testing if you're able to share it with me!
ajit mishra


One of my clients is facing the screen freeze issue while viewing Storyline 3 content on IE 11 in Windows 8. No issues were encountered while viewing the content in Windows 10. 

Please see my clients message brlow:

“We checked the course in IE and chrome. The course works well in chrome and on Windows 10 with IE 11. However, with Windows 8 and IE 11 - The first video played okay but rest didn’t – we get a frozen screen.”

Please suggest if you have a solution to this issue.



Atsuko Vega

Hi there! I just wanted to share my experience. We provided 14 courses to our client, but only one course had frozen.  Articulate support team investigated my file and they didn't find any problem. They imported my file onto a new Storyline project and copied all my settings. Meanwhile, I reinstalled Storyline 3 on my pc, then I published the new file. The new file has not been frozen in the LMS on our client-side so far. I tested many versions of a file in SCORM cloud and LMS many times, but the result varied depends on circumstances.  I couldn't tell what was the problem, but you can share your file with the support team and reinstall your Storyline.

ajit mishra

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for your quick response. The course was tested on LMS, Weblink and as a standalone module (offline) mode. I have sent the storyline file and the course package to the Storyline 3 tech team. Hope to have a response soon. Meanwhile, I reinstalled Storyline 3 as suggested by Atsuko in the comment below. The suggestion didnt work.

Thanks again,


Katie Riggio

Thanks for sharing your course with us, Ajit!

Confirming receipt. 🌟In fact, my teammate, Christopher, is testing your file as we speak! He'll be in touch with some next steps after carefully analyzing the details from those tests.

I'll follow the case as it progresses, and will share any valuable insight here once we get to the root. Thanks again, and I'm so sorry for any headaches!

ajit mishra

Hi Katie,

We were able to resolve the video screen freeze issue by:

1. Rendering the videos, that had screen freeze issue, in Adobe Media Encoder with format H.264


2. Integrating the newly rendered videos in Storyline 3 course file 

3. Increasing the size of the video by 2 PX in the Storyline 3 file

Thanks again for your support.