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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Harri.

You have the opportunity to specify the Identifier by going to Publish > LMS > Reporting and Tracking, or you can allow Storyline to supply a randomly-generated Identifier on your behalf.  In either Case, I would not expect Storyline to change the identifier between publish attempts unless you are editing it manually.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

Harri C

We use the randomly generated identifier as our LMS (Sana) encounters difficulties recognising multiple versions of the same course when we manually set the identifier  ie to overwrite the previous version.

However, with this particular course the randomly generated identifier changed from v 6.8 (.story) to v7 (.story).  Which then led to LMS issues with overwriting the course and keeping user scores.

Is there any reason this might happen?

Justin Grenier

I'm sorry for the trouble, Harri.

A possible workaround would be to continue to work with various versions of the same course, but always publish from the course with the original filename.  I'm also a bit uncertain about why your LMS would care if you manually specify the Identifier to match the original course.

In any event, you are always welcome to submit a Feature Request if you would like to see a change to this behavior.  Have a great day!

Trevor White-Miller

Hi Justin, Can I pickup on this old thread as I have a related issue.

The reason I'm asking the questions below is because recently my client is having breaks in communication with the LMS and I'm concerned a simple setting change is causing the problem.

I have a number of template courses or quizzes built for a client. So for example I recently built a series of 16 assessments, all of the same style. So once the first assessment was built I saved it as a different file name to build the second assessment by amending the questions etc. The 'Identifier' under the LMS Lesson SCORM Information section changes automatically to match the new file name. However the random 'Identifier' e.g. 62s0AVmR52i_course_id under the LMS Course Information session does not change in the new 'Save As' version. I did not want 16 assessments all with the same random Indentifier so I have been manually changing them before publishing. I'm keeping a record of all the Indenifiers I'm using so not to repeat any. There are no 'Special Characters' in my identifier names.

Question 1: Should the random identifier be automatically changing in the 'LMS Course Information' section when a previous course is saved with a new name?

Question 2: Is there any known risk to manually changing the unique random generated indentifier?

Note: Once set at the start of a project the manual identifier is never changed to the LMS is not being presented with a different Identifier for the same course.